About Compact Storage

Compact Storage Ltd is UK based manufacturer of high density mobile shelving, industrial racking and compact storage systems for archive repositories, NHS hospitals, offices and libraries accommodating a wide variety of storage from file and box storage through to video, medical records, xrays and books.

Compact storage systems high density solutions dramatically reducing the footprint required, thereby creating additional floor space or reducing the storage footprint.

BS5454 shelving solutions can be both static and high density storage systems and cater for the storage of valuable archive material for public and commercial archives including books, ledgers, photographs, film and map storage. Museum storage can include for ship storage, farm storage and historical archives in whatever form they may take.

Compact Storage also supply industrial storage in the form of racking, adjustable pallet racking and mezzanine floors and have been successfully installed in warehouses, offices, banks and museums throughout the world.

Our industrial systems can be tailor made to suit the bespoke nature of our customers requirements including mobile shelving systems installed above and below a Compact mezzanine floor structure giving maximum storage density whilst maintaining a high degree of accessibility. Electronically powered industrial racking has been supplied to banks for the storage of gold bullion and for museums storing items as diverse as ploughs and furniture.

Unlike the majority of storage companies in the market, we manufacture our storage systems, therefore ensuring continuity of supply, backed up by a professional team with ISO accreditation for quality and the environment.