Forensic Science Service

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Project: Storage Facility.

Client: Forensic Science Service.

Product: Two Tier Mobile Storage System.

Material Stored: Archive boxes and Files.

Brief: Two-tier Mezzanine Storage without the mezzanine.

The Forensic Science Service had a warehouse storage facility where only the ground floor area was being utilised. Compact and a number of other suppliers were asked to submit solutions to what was a vast waste of space.

Conventional wisdom suggested a mezzanine structure with shelving above and below, Alternatively Mobile shelving above and below the mezzanine structure.

Compact chose the second option but omitting the mezzanine structure all together.

Building mobile shelving 5m high would have created unacceptable retrieval issues so we decided to go ahead with the frame height but build within the structure of the frame a support system for a floating floor.

This floor construction took the form of part open grid and part flooring grade chipboard. The open grid enabled good visibility from either level to ensure an aisle was clear prior to movement, and the solid floor addressed modesty.

Due to the height and weight of the system all the mobile units were electronically powered with all the safety features developed over a number of years for similar applications.

The end result for the customer is a high density storage solution utilising the full height of the building to get maximum density without the need for building regulation approval for a mezzanine structure or the need for fixed column positions on the ground floor hampering space utilisation.

This system installed is only one of two within the UK. Compact Storage completed the installation on time and within budget, meeting the clients needs both operationally and in terms of density of storage.


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Project: Customer Selfserve.

Client: IKEA.

Product: Pallestor racking & pushback carriages.

Material Stored: IKEA product Lines.

Brief: To design an innovative approach to the storage and management of retail stock, using a more condensed format in order to increase the space available for front-of-store retail use.

Our successful design incorporated high-density, electronically-operated, mobile pallet racking, servicing specially-designed push-back racking and conveyor systems.

This ensured maximum storage capacity within the minimum floor space, without restricting the operational needs of one of the most successful retail operations in the world.

All the installations have been colour-coordinated to fit the corporate identity of the client, with specially manufactured fixtures to ensure that signage and advertising hoardings are compatible.

Our fresh approach to the use of conventional racking systems has ensured a close and valued working relationship between the two organizations, including extending the project to refit multiple stores.

Warwickshire County Record Office

Project: BS5454 : 2000 Archive.

Client: Warwickshire County Record Office.

Product: Clearstore shelving on Maxstor mobile bases.

Material Stored: Archive boxes, books and maps.

Brief: To design a mobile storage system, fully compliant with the requirements of BS5454:2000.

This entailed carrying out a detailed survey of the stored items and then designing a system to accommodate the variety of different types of items, including archive boxes, ledgers, and maps.

All the stored items needed to be available for public access, requiring reference areas to be included within the storage area—utilizing work surfaces with low-height shelving below and additional map storage above.

Through extensive consultation with the client, a scheme was designed and approved. The installation and commissioning of the system was carried out in close coordination with the client and construction team, resulting in successful project completion, on budget, and fit for purpose (including compliance with BS 5454:2000).

Universal Music

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Project: Tape Archive.

Client: Universal Music.

Product: Deltastor shelving on Maxistor bases.

Material Stored: A variety of music tape formats.

Brief: To review and refurbish archive tape storage.

The original tape storage area was not very well used. Starting with a list of the different types of media to be archived, we carried out a further survey and then designed a system that would move the client forward in the area of storage.

Once the scheme was designed and as a result of our safety review, we established that the existing floor structure would not take the additional load. To resolve this, we liaised with a structural engineer to strengthen the floor as part of the project.

Our scheme proposed different depths of mobile shelving, allowing for 20 year’s expansion for each type of tape. The final build phase had to be completed within two weeks, working in conjunction with the other trades on site.

The project was completed on time and the finished result has produced an efficient, high-density tape storage facility designed to cater for their storage requirements for the next 20 years.