Compact Storage Have Re-Branded

Compact Storage has undergone a transformation this week. We are proud to introduce to you our new logo, social media branding and website . We have worked with our marketing agency It and arrived at a look that we believe brings Compact Storage into the 21st Century in great style.

SEMA Inspections

We undertook SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association) inspections at several Ikea branches recently. As a companyCompact Storage – work to the SEMA guidelines. We identified and rectified several issues that related to the storage areas in the branches.

It is important to ensure that all storage is inspected regularly, as it can avoid dangerous and costly incidents. Issues of damage or fatigue can be identified at an early stage and rectified simply and effectively – minimising risk and costly repairs in the future.

Having your storage racking assessed may also be a requirement of your insurance company – so why not organise an inspection from Compact Storage.

Aspall Decide to "Shelve" Their Cider Range

When the Aspall Cyder company needed help to make the most from their storage facility in Suffolk – Compact Storage were the obvious choice. After discussion and survey it was agreed that we would use our pallet racking and “Deltastor” solutions to kit out their labelling area, and our pallet racking for their warehouse storage space. The Deltastor was an ideal choice for the labelling department as it’s not only constructed to the highest standards, it adapts easily to new storage challenges – and also represents to clients great value for money.

Our pallet racking system was also installed into Aspall’s warehousing to build upon their storage systems already in place. This improved their storage significantly – by improving access and volumes stored.

With a successful installation behind us – we are currently working with Aspall’s on other storage requirements in the near future.

Eye Watering Sales Beg Increased Storage at Sauflon

Sauflon – a pharmaceutical company specialising in contact lenses and aftercare have been having a tremendous sales rush. The increase in orders has necessitated an increase of storage and selection. Thankfully Compact Storage have delivered another solution in double quick time. They recently installed their Delta Storage range into the facilities at Sauflon to allow for their increased business. Sauflon have utilised Delta Storage to increase the amount of picking locations as well as allowing for a quicker turnaround on order selection and despatch.

Ikea – Compact Storage Install Self Service Racking

Ikea – the company synonymous for producing good quality products for sensible prices have recently commissioned Compact Storage to produce self service racking and install it into three of their stores around the country. The Croydon, Nottingham and Tottenham stores will be the first to receive the new designs – with the intention to supply other stores in the future. Bob Rolfe the Account manager for Compact Storage said: “We are really pleased to be working with another business who holds the same core values in business as we do”.

Compact Storage are working on similar developments at the moment, and are keen to continue working with businesses who expect the most out of warehouse space through pallet racking or warehouse storage solutions. “What makes it interesting is when there is a challenge involved” – said Bob ”For example, if there is an environment issue, or particular size or weight considerations, that’s when the project becomes rewarding”.

If you are looking to maximise your space for storage, be it in a commercial, office or warehouse situation, contact Compact Storage – they are definitely up for the challenge.