How Custom Shelving Can Benefit Your Warehouse

Every business has its own individual needs and storage requirements, the set up for one work premises will be entirely different for another. With that in mind, the storage system that you choose for your warehouse needs to be designed to help you maximise the smooth running of your business.
Listed below are some of the benefits of investing in custom shelving for your warehouse.
Maximise your warehouse space
Space is often limited when it comes to warehouse storage so you’ll need a custom built warehouse shelving system that will give you as much warehouse space as possible.
One benefit of custom warehouse shelving is that it can maximise warehouse space. There will be occasions when you’ll need more storage space than others and with custom built shelving you can make the most of the warehouse space that you already have.
Custom shelving can help keep your organised
Having a space for everything will help ensure the smooth running of your warehouse. A custom system that has been set out especially for your storage needs will help keep everything organised. Custom warehouse shelving will create a stress free, easy to manage warehouse environment.
Uniformity and Safety
Using custom shelving means that each unit will have uniformity and will ensure that it complies with safety guidelines to help maximise the safety of your staff when they are using the warehouse premises.
Custom shelving is expandable and can be built upon as your business grows. If you need more storage space in your warehouse then it is simple to create by expanding the custom shelving as opposed to spending more money on having to adapt the warehouse facilities to create more space.
Our custom created, expandable warehouse units are a cost effective way of creating storage space in your warehouse. The custom shelving units mean that your business is provided with a customisable warehouse storage space so that you can adapt the warehouse space as needed without having to go to the additional costs of investing in a new storage system.

The Benefits of High Density Mobile Shelving – In The Office

Sometimes storage space is at an absolute premium, so you’ll want flexible, mobile storage to maximise the space available. On the other hand, your office might be located in a larger building, and when it comes to refurbishing or re-organising, moving the storage system can sometimes be a challenge, but not with high density mobile shelving from Flexistore.
Flexistore is the ideal modern day storage system. Whatever your requirements our high density mobile shelving can make reorganising your office easy and straight forward.
The high density mobile shelving has been designed to give flexibility to the modern day office while providing a reliable, space efficient storage system for the work premises.
Here are the main benefits of using high density mobile shelving
Flexistore Saves Space
Time and time again we have all heard stories of businesses needing to relocate due to space issues. Flexistore’s innovative track system can save wasted space by taking filing and storage systems and sipping them up into a far smaller space than traditional solutions – saving space time and of course money.
Flexistore is relocatable
This means it creates diversity and the shelving can be moved whenever required. By relocating the high density mobile shelving, it can be used to diversify the look of your premises whenever the need arises. And should you move office, you can relocate your storage system without any hassle.
Flexistore really is flexible
Imagine having a storage unit that can be adapted according to your needs. Whenever you need to extend the high density mobile shelving to create more storage space, then you can. The width and the length of the Flexistore can be easily altered or if you need to create more workspace, then Flexistore can be relocated or reduced in size without any problems.
Flexistore is cost effective
Relocating or refurbishing an office is an expensive enough time without having to pay the extra costs of hiring a specialist company to move bulky storage units. The system can be easily relocated without the need for additional expenses or paying for removal services, saving your company both time and stress.
Flexistore is contemporary
Flexistore is the perfect storage solution for the modern day office. It is designed to be used either on a concrete floor or a mezzanine floor, and wherever it is located, the high density mobile shelving is designed to work smoothly and efficiently while giving your work premises a modern, professional look.

Large multi use archive repository completed

Compact won the tender to relocate 4 separate sites into one hub repository, our proposal involved re using wherever possible existing shelving and racking, reconfigured to suit the new warehouse as well as converting high bay fixed shelving onto new mobile bases to maximise storage density. This solution meant carefully phasing all the relocations and working with and around the clients staff, this was achieved on time and within budget.

Successful mobile and static storage project in Singapore

Compact Storage completed the installation of two mobile shelving systems and low height steel storage units for the new Asia headquarters of a global pharmaceutical organisation centralising all their storage requirements in one location eliminating the need for an offsite facility.

Archive box racking installed in Dunstable and digital media film archive completed in London

A major offsite records management company awarded Compact Storage the contract to supply multi tier pallet racking configured to store 600,000 archive boxes over 5 levels at their new facility in Bedfordshire. The project comprises racking with walkway access to manually pick the archive boxes, multi level staircase enclosures to protect employees from fire. This form of construction negates the need for mezzanine floors, utilising the racking as floor support..
Our reputation for cost effective and innovative design of high density storage has secured another film archive project for a London based post production company requiring the storage of a broad mix of digital tape and film can storage.