Captivewall Hexagon


Maximising storage capacity can be easily achieved with the use of floor to ceiling Captivewall.


Captivewall offers a seamless solution to a growing storage requirement with current trends towards 80-90% hard copy file retention. Captivewall can more than double the storage capacity over conventional archive solutions. Captivewall is not constrained by the office footprint.

The captive wall solution offers complete flexibility by being tailored to fit a space whether a corridor or just an awkward room size. Captivewall can act not only as storage but as a replacement for fixed partitions. With a wide variety of internal fixings, Captivewall can suit every application from stockroom to boardroom. A large range of finishes ensures captivewall need not stand out, matching the surrounding environment, it offers stylish solutions to the functional requirement.

1 StorageUnits

2 Side Panels

3 Decorative Panels

4 Locking Options

5 Configurations