Captivewall LockingOptions

Locking Options

From conventional key locks to cutting edge RFID card reader technology, there are a variety of locking options alongside Captivewall.


Conventional key locks are available with key sets either suited (keyed alike) or keyed to differ as required.

A unique feature to captivewall is digital key pad access or push button technology (pbt) which forever banishes the lost key scenario which can cause inconvenience and downtime, master codes can reset the system within seconds. PBT offers a unique cost effective solution.

Our cutting edge RFID card reader technology system (crt) takes security to a new level of convenience and access with programmable card access either separate to building entry cards or locks programmed to accept an existing user entry card. These can either be tailored to individual personal storage or part of a flexible storage option allocated daily, weekly, monthly etc. integrating current trends towards hot desking and hot lockering. Fully programmable this offers solutions to every possibly need.

  • RFID Card Reader Technology
    RFID Card Reader Technology
  • Conventional Key Locks
    Conventional Key Locks
  • Digilock

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