MobileStorage Flexistor


A fully, relocatable, high density storage solution for all applications within an office environment.


This system can be extended, reconfigured or relocated with a minimum of disruption to the day to day operation of your business. An integrated, levelled floor and track system ensure the smooth operation of the system, whether on a computer floor or a concrete floor. Ideal for the dynamic, modern office.


Installation of Mobile Shelving Units

1. Track sections are placed on the floor without the need for fixing down.
2. Interlocking non-slip floor panels locate and secure the tracks in position.
3. Mobile base cartridges are located on the floor tracks.
4. Mobile base cartridges are fixed in position with fascia panels.
5. The above process can be repeated to achieve the desired length and width of mobile system.
6. The shelving system required, can then be added to the mobile bases.

  • Flexistor 1
    Flexistor 1
  • Flexistor 2
    Flexistor 2
  • Flexistor 3
    Flexistor 3
  • Flexistor 4
    Flexistor 4
  • Flexistor 5
    Flexistor 5
  • Flexistor 6
    Flexistor 6

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