universal music

Project: Tape Archive

Product: Deltastor shelving on Maxistor bases

Material Stored: A variety of music tape formats


To review and refurbish archive tape storage

The original tape storage area was not very well used. Starting with a list of the different types of media to be archived, we carried out a further survey and then designed a system that would move the client forward in the area of storage.

Once the scheme was designed and as a result of our safety review, we established that the existing floor structure would not take the additional load. To resolve this, we liaised with a structural engineer to strengthen the floor as part of the project.

Our scheme proposed different depths of mobile shelving, allowing for 20 year’s expansion for each type of tape. The final build phase had to be completed within two weeks, working in conjunction with the other trades on site.

The project was completed on time and the finished result has produced an efficient, high-density tape storage facility designed to cater for their storage requirements for the next 20 years.

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