Increase your floor space without taking on a new unit.

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Mezzanine floors are a cost effective way to increase your floor space without the need to take on a new unit.

Each Mezzanine floor is uniquely designed specifically to each site.  Mezzanine floors can be used in offices, showrooms, warehouse storage and factory production.

Our mezzanine floors consist of square hollow section columns, I section beams, C section deckbeams, 38mm P6 chipboard decking or 4mm chequer plate, all designed as a braced structure.

We offer Part K & Part M stairs to comply with current Building Regulation.

  • Part K is used as a means of escape or a secondary means of access.
  • Part M is used as a main means of access for all disabled and able boded.  If this cannot be achieved Part K will be used .
  • Part M comes with contrasting nosing’s and mid landings.

Both stairs can be made to accommodate timber treads or carpet (supplied by other trades) for a smarter finish.  For external use we can offer a galvanized finish to give a long lasting finish against the elements.

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