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Furniture to accomodate a range of business applications.

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  • Village Hotels
    Village Hotels
  • Village Hotels
    Village Hotels
  • Village Hotels
    Village Hotels
  • Village Hotels
    Village Hotels
  • Village Hotels
    Village Hotels
  • Power Module
    Power Module
  • Work Table
    Work Table
  • Verco Echno & Connection Xpresso
    Verco Echno & Connection Xpresso
  • Lyndon Design Entente
    Lyndon Design Entente
  • Lyndon Design Eentente
    Lyndon Design Eentente
  • Flip Top Tables
    Flip Top Tables
  • Connection Tryst
    Connection Tryst
  • Business Hub
    Business Hub
  • Boss Shuffle
    Boss Shuffle
  • Boss Cocoon (Media)
    Boss Cocoon (Media)
  • Boss Arthur
    Boss Arthur
  • Allermuir Vee
    Allermuir Vee
  • Allermuir Haven
    Allermuir Haven

product description

A hotel’s business space needs to reflect the personality of the hotel. Our meeting room furniture is designed with flexibility in mind, offering functionality that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Items from our standard ranges of business furniture can be combined and used in a variety of ways to create a flexible working space with multiple layouts catering for any size of meeting. If you need something just that little bit different we can work with your designer to create bespoke meeting room furniture that fits the bill.

Meeting room furniture and technology should work in harmony, that’s why we offer solutions with built-in power modules to maximise desk space and keep untidy wires under control delivering a professional working environment that will impress your clients.

All of our furniture is manufactured in the UK which allows flexibility and reliability of supply. Many years in the industry has given us vast experience and an impressive portfolio of clients and installations. Our dedicated team work with you to ensure that your perfect installation is delivered on time and within budget.

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