Designed to suit individual users requirements.

Creating executive solutions.

A cost conscious range of workstations.

The flexibility of both sitting and standing.

For small, localised, high density filing requirements where floor loading may be an issue, this system is ideal. 

Designed for high occupancy, we introduce bench desking.

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product description

For small, localised, high density filing requirements where floor loading may be an issue, this system is ideal. Adding a high density system makes storage simple, concentrated and easily accesible. Providing easy access to all stored material via the Litestor System.

How We Install Litestor
Floor tracks are laid directly onto a computer floor and, because of their low profile finish, there is no need for a false floor, keeping the cost and weight loading to a minimum. It makes the Litestor system idea for almost all application models. It also makes adding a system to your office or storage room hassle free and offers minimum upheaval.

Roller Racking Systems For Small Spaces
A variety of shelving systems and finishes are available to suit each application. Whether you are thinking of reducing the footprint of your storage or archive area or indeed need to find space for more storage – Litestor is the system for you. Our dedicated team of installation specialists can advise, plan and install your new storage system. The system is simple to add to – when necessary. Adding more racking is as easy as picking up the phone.

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