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smart office

We have a wealth of options for storage in an office.

You can choose between low and high level, as well as the size and height of the storage system. The storage units can even be motorized to allow smooth and easy running of your storage system.

The internet of things is becoming more of a reality. But who’d have thought that it could mean so much in your own office environment?

Allowing staff to work in an “agile workplace” gives businesses and teams alike the flexibility to work collaboratively at convenient times and locations within a building – whilst providing the familiar tools whenever and wherever they are. It allows complete flexibility, a better working environment and saves on administration within the company.



The smart office concept allows staff complete freedom inside the business constraints.

For example, someone from the design team needs to work with finance department for a design project that lasts a week. That designer can place themself in the midst of that department for the duration of the project. Simply by allocating their desking, storage space and even IT and telecoms needs – all at the swipe of a card and screen. Then as the project ends, the designer could move back to a different area inside the business.


Having the right amount of storage space in a business is a difficult thing to predict.

With many businesses opting for flexible working – many desks, lockers and spaces lay empty for days on end. Why not utilise those spaces to their optimum capacity by dynamically allocating them to staff as they arrive? If your staff are either non-permanent or indeed on flexible working hours then you need an agile workspace. Clients who have successfully transitioned from standard workspaces to an agile office have benefitted by saving space, time and money in freeing up dead space and getting higher occupancy in spaces that were otherwise considered as wasteful.


Many businesses who opted to go with a smart office and the agile workforce have benefitted from making savings: savings both financially, space and time.

Financial savings have ranged from not having to rent more space during expansion – due to keeping space usage at optimum, all the way through to administration time spent on administering locker and pedestal keys. Replacing a key cost businesses upwards of £50 every time a key is lost or misplaced. Space savings come when businesses optimise their space usage. By doing away with traditional methodology of a pedestal, a 1600mm desk and a locker down to storage space as and when you need it. Businesses have managed to use their spaces to hold a third more staff in significantly less space. Time savings allow staff to focus on their tasks by working with those they need to – when they need to. How can you business make their office into a smart office? Talk to us about how we can help you.