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Providing you with optimum work and storage space, from design to installation.

About Compact

Compact Storage & Workspace is a UK based manufacturer of office furniture, high density mobile shelving, industrial racking and mezzanine floors.

We pride ourselves on providing the optimum work and storage space for our clients. We work with businesses from the design stage all the way through to installation.  We specify, design, construct, supply and produce high quality products to ensure they meet business needs.

We design, manufacture and install high quality products meeting business needs in the UK, Europe and Asian markets.

We have supplied office furniture and storage solutions to some of the largest businesses in the world from Central America to the Philippines.  Click here to see where our systems have been installed.

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Storage is at a premium nowadays, and so saving space whilst providing increased amounts of storage is a must for many businesses. Our bespoke high-density storage solutions dramatically reduce the footprint required thereby creating additional floor space.

We can offer bespoke storage systems catering for books, ledgers, medical records & X-rays, photographs, film & video and maps as well as more general file and box storage. Utilised in many museums and historical archives, our BS5454 shelving solutions have both static and high-density options that cater to the specific needs of valuable archive material.

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For the industrial environment, we can supply industrial storage in the form of racking, adjustable pallet racking and mezzanine floors; these have been successfully installed in warehouses, offices, banks and museums throughout the world.

Our industrial systems can be tailormade to suit the bespoke nature of our customers’ requirements including mobile shelving systems installed above and below a compact mezzanine floor structure giving maximum storage density whilst maintaining a high degree of accessibility.

Electronically powered industrial racking has been supplied to banks for the storage of gold bullion and for museums storing items as diverse as ploughs and furniture.

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Unlike the majority of furniture and storage companies in the market, we manufacture most of our products offering not only standard desking and cupboards but bespoke workspace and locker solutions.

Our ability to replicate redundant systems allows greater cost savings and flexibility for our customers.

We have built a global client on our flexibility and professionalism back up with ISO accreditation for quality and the environment.

If you would like to work with one of the leading businesses in its field – then talk to us today.

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We’ve installed around the world.

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