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Increasing your floor space by up to 100% without moving premises.

Mezzanine Floors

The major attraction of a Mezzanine Structure is the ability to increase your floor space by up to 100% without moving premises.

Floor space costs do not take into account the available headroom, so adding a mezzanine floor where there are no restrictions can prove highly cost effective. The increase in space can negate the need to relocate a growing business with all the upheaval involved, alternatively smaller premises can be sought but with the inclusion of a mezzanine structure, floor space can be maximized.

Our mezzanine floors consist of square hollow section columns, I section beams, C section deck beams, 38mm P6 chipboard decking or 4mm chequer plate, all designed as a braced independent structure.

mezzanine floor structures provide low cost, highly practical platforms for every market sector, including factories, warehouses, offices, schools, archive facilities, museums and retail applications. Each mezzanine floor is specifically designed for its intended use and fully complies with current building regulations. Compact storage survey, design, manufacture and install each installation as well as seeking building regulation approval.

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