Compact Products

We can repair, service, inspect & supply.

repairs & refurbishments

we can repair

Compact can repair almost all makes of mobile shelving and racking whether from a current, or defunct manufacturer.

We have reduced and extended mobile systems no longer available offering substantial savings over an all new storage system, further enhancements to reflect a modern office environment can be added to give the system a fresh look.

The older the mobile shelving system the more prone to mechanical issues. These issues are almost always minor but due to parts being no longer available can result in huge on costs! Compact are able to mitigate these costs as invariably these mechanical issues are as a result of parts we can re manufacture. This coupled with a maintenance contract and annual service should ensure a much greater lifespan.

we offer servicing

Compact offer a service and maintenance package for our manufactured systems. We also service, maintain and warrant existing systems from other manufacturers whatever the age of the system.

Our knowledge from a design and manufacturer perspective coupled with the experience of our installation engineers is unparalleled in finding simple solutions to the problems presented to us.

Health and safety being a mindful consideration with all aspects of the work environment necessitate good housekeeping of new and old mobile systems and to that end an annual or bi annual service agreement would ensure compliance with the requirements and give added peace of mind.

we can do safety inspections

Compacts experience in the commercial sector with mobile storage is matched by our experience in the Industrial market place with racking for warehouses and retail outlets.

We carry out thorough SEMA approved rack safety inspections. Health and safety audits of warehouses is now an integral part of our business lives and ensures rack systems remain as good as when they were installed, sadly all too often damage or overloading of racking systems goes unnoticed and can if not identified have devastating consequences to staff and the day to day operation of a healthy business. Compact issue a report with all inspections highlighting areas that may need addressing in the short to medium term life of the installed system. Replacement components are easily sourced and issues rectified before they become a hazard.

we carry out file audits

When considering a new archive or file storage solution it is often helpful to have a clear understanding of the footprint required, to this end as part of the survery process we will assess your current capacity.

we do file move management

Compact understands that changing from an old filing system can be time consuming and laborious. Today’s commercial and pressured environment dictates that staff be required to conduct their normal daily duties at all times.

Compact an provide a dedicated, fully trained team of staff to conduct a file move or upgrade to a new system. The management of the entire project is handed over to this team, ensuring minimal disruption to normal working practices.

we supply filing supplies

Compact can supply your filing accessories to compliment the mobile shelving system, whether archive boxes, hanging file pockets or loose file pockets.

Our range is competitive but durable as all too often budget file pockets and boxes do not last, necessitating replacement with the all the disruption to the workplace this entails.

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