Environmental Policy

Compact Storage Ltd is committed to achieving continuous improvement in the reduction of its environmental footprint in all of its activities. The company will to this end ensure that the following objectives are met.
1) To comply with and where possible exceed the requirements of current environmental legislation.
2) To minimise the environmental impact of all of its business activities by maximising the efficiency of its administration, marketing, manufacturing, delivery and installation activities.
3) To ensure where practicable that environmental considerations are a primary and integral part of the design process.
4) To develop further management processes and operational procedures to ensure continuous improvement in reducing Compact’s environmental impact. This is to be achieved through reducing where practicable consumption, waste, and pollution, increasing recycling where feasible and reducing consignment of waste to landfill wherever possible.
5) To select where practicable suppliers and sub-contractors who are committed to environmental improvement.
6) To ensure that all staff within the organisation are aware of this environmental policy and to enlist their help in reducing the environmental impact of the company’s activities.
7) To co-operate fully with customers who have similar environmental objectives.
8) To ensure that this environmental policy is made publicly available.
9) To review this policy annually.

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