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Moving Box

Turning any mobile shelving system into a smart storage system. If you’re struggling to figure out how your existing compact shelving system can be bought into the 21st century, then you’ve come to the right place. We can retro-fit our unique smart solution into ANY existing mobile shelving system. Installing the Plug & Move solution automates your storage solution and allows it to be automated, safer and smarter.

It’s installed by our team – in as little as 40 minutes per carriage. A smart box replaces the wheel on the side of the unit, which brings with it a whole host of new features. Including:

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Motorised movement

For automated, safer and smarter storage.

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Infra-red cut off beams

As well as a clutch system to avoid injury.

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Wireless command

Via your phone or remote control - sit back and let the app do the moving!

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The system can be configured in any way imaginable. If you have a set up in mind. Talk to us about how we can transform your mobile shelving installation into a smart archive area.

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