Specifically designed heavy duty pallet racking system.

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Palletstor is a heavy duty pallet racking system designed for the storage of palletised goods.

Our pallet racking has been used by several high profile businesses is available in a variety of guises whose basic premis is the high-density storage of goods based on the pick rates required for any given business.


Conventional Warehouse Pallet Racking

Conventional warehouse pallet racking is comprised of uniform aisle widths serviced with conventional fork trucks.  Utilising the pallet as the storage and transport platform on parallel beams.

This pallet storage system can be expanded to increase density.  Narrow aisle and very narrow aisle pallet racking substantially increase pallet density.  However a more sophisticated fork truck is required.  As well as wire guidance or guide rails, in some circumstances.  This is to enable operation in a more confined space.


Deepstor – Efficient use of Warehouse Space

Deepstor pallet racking stacks pallets in depth and height to provide the most efficient use of warehouse space.  The tradeoff being that the first pallet in will inevitably be the last pallet out.  In addition, the fork truck will physically go into the racking system to retrieve the pallet.


Push Back Pallet Racking

Push back pallet racking operates in a similar fashion.  However, pallets are pushed in on a carriage and are held in position by the pallet that goes in afterwards.  When that pallet is pulled from the system the previous pallet then rolls forward and is ready for picking.


Flowbed Racking Storage

Flowbed pallet racking is also a very high-density form of pallet storage.  It requires the pallet to be put in at one end of the system, then gravity forces the pallet to the other end of the system.  This allows for the first pallet in to be the first pallet out.  If stock rotation is a prime consideration, this system is optimal.


Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet racking is the densest storage option which maintains ease of picking with a conventional fork truck.  These systems are powered and require the pallet racking to be mounted on carriages running on recessed guide rails.


All the pallet racking systems available from Compact Storage Ltd benefit from FEM compliance and conform to the SEMA code of practice. Compact storage also operate ISO9001 Quality Assurance and ISO14001 Environmental Accreditation.

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