mobile racking and mobile shelving units faq’s

Mobile Roller Racking Shelving

  • How safe is it to operate?
Mobile storage and mobile racking  are extremely safe. Locking handwheels ensure that the open aisle is braked, and that the adjacent mobile base units cannot close up the aisle whilst personnel are accessing the shelving.
  • Is it hard to move?

geared drive systems enable fully loaded mobile shelving bases to be operated with minimum effort, and they are frequently installed in public access environments, such as libraries.

  • What stops the mobile unit coming off its rails?

Grooved wheels and tracks ensure absolute accuracy and prevent longer-span mobile shelving systems from fishtailing (or bending) along their length.

  • Is it expensive?

No, mobile shelving isn’t expensive. In fact, there are potential savings in reducing the floor space required for storage or in the efficiency of combining several existing storage areas.

  • Is it difficult to maintain?

No, mobile storage isn’t difficult to maintain. Systems are designed for low maintenance with ‘sealed for life’ bearings, along with high-quality running gear. Some high activity installations have been in use for many years without servicing – although an annual service programme is recommended, as good housekeeping will ensure years of trouble-free use.

  • How are the tracks fixed to the floor?

There are a variety of methods to ensure a suitable fixing, whether it is prior to a concrete screed being laid, or fixed to the floor of an existing computer room or mezzanine structure.

  • How do you stop the shelving from falling over?

There are safety formulas for assessing the stability of a mobile shelving installation, which then determines whether overhead anti-tip rails are required to complement the standard track-based anti-tip mechanism.

  • How easy is it to relocate?

Most mobile storage systems are relocatable, a feature that maintains the value of your investment as your needs change over time.

  • I have an unusual space!

Designing mobile storage systems to fit any space is standard for most manufacturers as roller racking shelving tends to be a bespoke product

Mobile storage or mobile shelving is recommended for:

  • Document storage for solicitors, lawyers, financial institutions, corporate bodies both in the private and public sectors
  • Medical records for dental practices, general practitioners, hospitals including the storage of X rays
  • Library storage whether for public libraries, University libraries or historical archives for public and private institutions
  • Archive filing for off-site outsourced records management companies or dedicated storage facilities for in-house storage
  • Retail stock storage for all manner of applications from household commodities to shoes, clothing soft goods outlets
  • Magnetic tape storage for off-site cloud storage or Television, music and production companies
  • Security vaults for storage of sensitive documents in fire-resistant theft resistant environments for the public and private sectors
  • Parts storage for retail, automotive pharmaceutical companies and everything in between

Mobile Shelving Units

There are a range of mobile shelving units on the market to suit pretty much every conceivable application for physical storage

Mobile storage or roller racking systems are an established and mature form of storing  files, electronic media, retail, box storage, medical records, x-rays, artifacts, to name but a few

Mobile racking and shelving systems can more than double the storage capacity of conventional static shelving or free up valuable floor space

system advantages are as follows


  • Reduced floor space potential halving the space required for an existing fixed storage requirement where no organic growth is expected
  • Increased capacity by doubling the number of shelving units by affixing to mobile carriages greatly increases the storage density with the option of increasing still further as the storage requirement expands
  • Ease of access as mobile shelving move almost frictionlessly on levelled guide floor tracks geared in such a way to ensure minimal effort even when moving large loads
  • Improved management as mobile storage system operates in a space unobstructed by discarded archive boxes or storage media generally ensuring good housekeeping is maintained
  • Improved security (systems can be locked) via either push button or key locked handwheels given access to authorised personnel only.
  • Finishes to match your environment enabling storage to blend to any environment whether in a corporate office or a retail outlet with corporate colour schemes, gone are the days you can have any colour so long as its battleship grey. Renders and graphics can be incorporated into a standard.
  • Accessories to suit your media allowing internal shelving components to accommodate hanging filing digital media of retail stock storage to name but a few

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