planning your office space part one

Planning an office sounds easier than it often is in reality. Those naive enough to consider heading up the project team may think it is as simple as buying some desks and filing cabinets and having them delivered on time and most importantly – within budget. In reality planning starts a long time before even so much as flicking through a catalogue. Here are some things to consider before putting purchase order to paper:

Number 1


What are your objectives? Are you looking to reduce costs? Increase flexibility for your space? Encourage discussion – reduce discussion, keep staff morale high? Make a more creative space or improve the productivity of your team? Thinking about your goals for the office space should be considered before anything. Talking with your colleagues prior to establishing a goal would help you define what is missing at the moment and what is really needed.


Number 2

Choose The Basics

Where is your new space going to be? Have you considered a new building? An underutilised space in an existing building. How might the space look? Had you considered colour schemes? What type of storage will you use? Is it going to be the same as the rest of the building or are you cutting new ground? Considering the important points will help start to get clarity on the outcome.


Number 3

Space Type

How are you planning your office space? Will it be open or a team space or maybe cubicles. Could there be a manager’s office or a work lounge – or maybe a hot desk area. Getting this right – helps to future proof your office space for the future.


Working out the answers to these probing questions will help your business shape your new working space. Get it right and you’ll have serenity. Creativity and productivity. Get it wrong and you could be looking at an unhappy workforce and wasted space. If you need help and advice contact us at We’ll post part two of our office planning 101 next week.

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