planning your office space part two

In part one we discussed the benefits of working out what you want to achieve with your new space, the basics as far as where it will be, how the space may look, what storage, colour scheme, is it setting the tone of the business – or conforming to what is already there. We also suggested thinking about the space type and the type of people in there and finally about meeting spaces. As we look at the last points to consider before creating your office space.

Number 4

Meeting Areas

Where are you going to have a meeting in your office space? Are you going to have a partitioned area? A room? How large will it be? How many does it need to cater for? How often will it be used and how long will a meeting take on average. All of these things will help to shape the volume and quality of furniture in the room.


Number 5

Supporting Roles

Having the right environments to support your office team is vital to the success and productivity. Areas to consider would include: lockers, break zones, waiting area as well as printing and filing areas. Also cooling and heating play a huge part in staff comfort. Being able to hold a room at a set temperature is paramount to office serenity.


Number 6

Implementing The Office

The key to a successful implementation is to firstly, take into account the information that you have gleaned from meeting with the people who are going to use the office and with the goals of the business. Taking into account how the office is going to be used and what storage and other functions – need to be addressed and will lead to the development of the office your business needs.


Look at the new and inventive ideas developing in the office furniture industry and see how they could positively impact your business. Keep in mind the team who are going to use the space and more over – break the walls down around traditional office space – and you may find that your space takes your business to the next level.

Compact can help to take the stress out of an office implementation. Already having years of experience in helping businesses get the best out of their spaces and teams; creating effective spaces within businesses.

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