alexander forbes group services

Project: File Storage for new headquarters

Product: Deltastor shelving on Flexistor & Maxistor bases

Material Stored: Files & file boxes


To design mobile storage systems to accommodate a wide range of files, both loose and in boxed form, in a new HQ building—including relocation and integration of existing storage systems from the previous HQ building. Detailed file audits were undertaken to fully understand the client’s future needs, prior to the design of mobile systems. Compatibility with the new office furnishings, as well as ease of use for the staff, were important considerations for a flexible, accessible office space.

The use of our flexistor relocatable mobile system was important to pre-empt future departmental moves that might require the use of the storage elsewhere. In addition, heavy duty maxstor mobile units were installed in the basement areas for bulkier, less active archive storage, where an uneven concrete floor required a more robust solution.

A continuing relationship, including ongoing servicing and maintenance of the original facility, has led to additional work being undertaken, both in the UK and Ireland.

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