ascent media

Project: Film Tape Archive & Offsite Storage Facility

Product: Multistor Racking, Mezzstor, Deltastor Shelving & Maxstor Bases

Material Stored: Film & music tape formats


To enable the storage of up to 800,000 video tapes for a wide variety of clients & design a fully flexible offsite storage facility for a variety of film can and tape formats..

The storage location was a conventional warehouse, divided into two separate zones.

Zone 1: Low-activity film can storage of various weights and sizes:- This requirement was best served by our wides for racking product. Given the potential double height of the available space, we designed a two-tier system that will provide the flexibility of a mezzanine floor and reducing the cost by utilizing the widestor frames as the support structure for the walkways at the upper level.

Zone 2: High activity tape storage requiring a secure, environmentally-controlled vault:- An existing Compact Storage mobile shelving system was relocated and reconfigured to accommodate the growing large and small digital tape storage requirement.

Again, given the available headroom, we designed a mezzanine floor structure capable of taking additional mobile shelving as and when the ground floor installation reached capacity. The three storage elements to this project met all the design criteria, with the advantage of providing long-term storage capable of tracking Ascent Media’s continuing expansion.

The project involved part-building a new tape library to accommodate the existing capacity. Once this was completed, the client was able to move the existing video library to its new location, enabling Compact Storage to strip down the existing mobile shelving and mobile bases, reusing many of the components in the completion of the next phases of work.

Phases 3, 4 and 5 were built with consideration for the day-to-day operational needs of the client.

The completed installation has converted a rundown basement area of the building into a state-of-the-art tape library, located in Central London, servicing a multitude of TV studios on a daily basis.

This project was completed on time and within budget and continues a very successful relationship with the client, which is now in its 8th year.

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