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Material Stored: Archive boxes and Files


Two-tier Mezzanine Storage without the mezzanine.

The Forensic Science Service had a warehouse storage facility where only the ground floor area was being utilised. Compact and a number of other suppliers were asked to submit solutions to what was a vast waste of space.

Conventional wisdom suggested a mezzanine structure with shelving above and below, Alternatively Mobile shelving above and below the mezzanine structure.

Compact chose the second option but omitting the mezzanine structure all together.

Building mobile shelving 5m high would have created unacceptable retrieval issues so we decided to go ahead with the frame height but build within the structure of the frame a support system for a floating floor.

This floor construction took the form of part open grid and part flooring grade chipboard. The open grid enabled good visibility from either level to ensure an aisle was clear prior to movement, and the solid floor addressed modesty.

Due to the height and weight of the system all the mobile units were electronically powered with all the safety features developed over a number of years for similar applications.

The end result for the customer is a high density storage solution utilising the full height of the building to get maximum density without the need for building regulation approval for a mezzanine structure or the need for fixed column positions on the ground floor hampering space utilisation.

This system installed is only one of two within the UK. Compact Storage completed the installation on time and within budget, meeting the clients needs both operationally and in terms of density of storage.

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