Project: Customer Selfserve

Product: Pallestor racking & pushback carriages

Material Stored: IKEA product Lines


To design an innovative approach to the storage and management of retail stock, using a more condensed format in order to increase the space available for front-of-store retail use.

Our successful design incorporated high-density, electronically-operated, mobile pallet racking, servicing specially-designed push-back racking and conveyor systems.

This ensured maximum storage capacity within the minimum floor space, without restricting the operational needs of one of the most successful retail operations in the world.

All the installations have been colour-coordinated to fit the corporate identity of the client, with specially manufactured fixtures to ensure that signage and advertising hoardings are compatible.

Our fresh approach to the use of conventional racking systems has ensured a close and valued working relationship between the two organizations, including extending the project to refit multiple stores.

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