utility warehouse

Read about how we helped Utility Warehouse with their own bespoke desking solution.

The Utility Warehouse is a multi-utility supplier, home grown in London. Owned by Telecom Plus, Utility Warehouse boasts well over half a million customers and nearly forty-five thousand distributors who sell the brand on recommendation and the promise of savings for those who switch to their utility supply.

Some of the Compact Workspace team have worked with Utility Warehouse since their inception – all the way back in 1997. When Utility Warehouse had a new requirement for sit-stand desking, we were pleased to get the enquiry. More than that – they were seeking something a little different. They were looking for sit-stand desks with pairing in mind. The concept of pairing meant that tasks were shared and supervised between two people. For example, coding could be reviewed and adjusted by a “driver” and “navigator”, therefore identifying issues and resolving them quicker as two heads are notionally better than one.

Much research has also been undertaken to show the health benefits of sit-stand desking. Benefits including more opportunity to move around, less sitting around, which in turn could lead to medical complications. Having the opportunity to stand for a time – whilst being pro-active encourages movement in the workplace as well as productivity. Using easy to use electrically operated desks makes this a quick an intuitive operation.

Compact Workspace worked closely with ergonomics specialists to arrive at a table top design that suited the requirements perfectly. They paired and married the ideal table top to a sit-stand mechanism and delivered a bespoke piece of furniture especially for the task.

The colour, and finishes were agreed between Compact Workspace and the team at Utility Warehouse and construction began. The installation of the desking took a little under two days to complete.

The project was a huge success and our client said:

“We have a long and very successful relationship with Compact Workspace and once again they “delivered” in every sense of the word. The goods arrived on their due date, the fitters were polite and tidy, and the whole affair went with minimal fuss. Furthermore, they translated our required desk design from paper to finished product through their internal development team. This was seamless and very successful.”



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