aspall decide to “shelve” their cider range

When the Aspall Cyder company needed help to make the most from their storage facility in Suffolk – Compact were the obvious choice.

After discussion and survey it was agreed that we would use our pallet racking and “Deltastor” solutions to kit out their labelling area, and our pallet racking for their warehouse storage space. The Deltastor was an ideal choice for the labelling department as it’s not only constructed to the highest standards, it adapts easily to new storage challenges – and also represents to clients great value for money.

Our pallet racking system was also installed into Aspall’s warehousing to build upon their storage systems already in place. This improved their storage significantly – by improving access and volumes stored.

With a successful installation behind us – we are currently working with Aspall’s on other storage requirements in the near future.

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