Guy Pollard Rubs Shoulders with Rock Icon

‘Exciting’ is not a word many people would tend to use to describe the storage industry, and you certainly wouldn’t pair storage with rock and roll…or would you?!

Guy Pollard, Corporate Sales Director for Compact Storage, has a career in the industry spanning over three decades. With Compact Storage projects taking him to every corner of the globe; Guy has his fair share of exciting stories to tell.

One of the most memorable installations Compact Storage have been a part of was a project undertaken for one of the greatest rock legends of our time. The guitar hero gave Compact Storage the task of creating a bespoke storage system compliant with PD5454 to store iconic music tapes and a multitude of rock and roll memorabilia from the band’s heyday.

Deep inside a vault at the music icon’s personal residence, our team of experts got to work to create a secure and reliable racking system to safeguard and preserve the invaluable musical relics. The specially designed racking system was custom made to house a range of priceless artefacts including original recordings, master tapes, band instruments and tour costumes. Who said storage was boring?

Compact Storage have a plethora of other prestigious media clients in their portfolio including MTV, Walt Disney and CNN to name just a few! Household names we are proud to have worked with.

We understand that storage is not just about archiving files and old documents, why not speak with one of our team to discuss your unique requirements. We can deliver a range of innovative storage solutions, from mobile shelving, roller racking and mezzanine flooring, to suits your individual business needs, whatever they may be.

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