Mobile Shelving – Our Ultimate Guide

We understand space is at a premium in any organisation, especially when it comes to shelving and storage. Legal documents, medical records, and retail stock are just some of the items you may need to store; whatever it is, wherever it is, we have the solution.

Our mobile shelving range offers a flexible and practical solution, one that saves time, money and space. Mobile shelving is a high-capacity storage system that optimises the space available. It ensures that files, books and other stock are safe, and organised in one easy to access area.

Our mobile shelving units are made up of shelving structures, mounted upon a mobile base and rail system. The units move along the rails when the mobile mechanism is turned, be it manually or, using our smart mobile shelving technology ‘Plug and Move’.

Mobile storage systems have a range of benefits including:

  • Reduces floor space compared to standard shelving solutions
  • Increases capacity due to its dynamic design
  • Easier access
  • Improved management
  • Improved security (systems can be locked)
  • A range of finishes available

Each mobile shelving system is versatile and can be installed on any floor type. The modular nature of each system allows greater flexibility. Once installed, it can be extended, reconfigured and even relocated to a new location. It is a high-density storage arrangement that offers an upgrade on traditional shelving; by compacting shelves together, mobile shelving eliminates the need for additional aisles and ultimately, saves space.

Plug and Move

The latest innovation in mobile shelving is our ‘Plug and Move’ option. Upload a comprehensive list of each item being stored with its precise location into a database. Each item can then be searched and found instantly when needed. Quick, easy and accessible!

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