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Sometimes storage space is at an absolute premium, so you’ll want flexible, mobile storage to maximise the space available.

On the other hand, your office might be located in a larger building, and when it comes to refurbishing or re-organising, moving the storage system can sometimes be a challenge, but not with high density mobile shelving from Flexistore.

Flexistore is the ideal modern day storage system. Whatever your requirements our high density mobile shelving can make reorganising your office easy and straight forward.

The high density mobile shelving has been designed to give flexibility to the modern day office while providing a reliable, space efficient storage system for the work premises.


Here are the main benefits of using high density mobile shelving units:

Flexistore Saves Space

Time and time again we have all heard stories of businesses needing to relocate due to space issues. Flexistore’s innovative track system can save wasted space by taking filing and storage systems and sipping them up into a far smaller space than traditional solutions – saving space time and of course money.

Flexistore is relocatable

This means it creates diversity and the shelving can be moved whenever required. By relocating the high density mobile shelving, it can be used to diversify the look of your premises whenever the need arises. And should you move office, you can relocate your storage system without any hassle.

Flexistore really is flexible

Imagine having a storage unit that can be adapted according to your needs. Whenever you need to extend the high density mobile shelving to create more storage space, then you can. The width and the length of the Flexistore can be easily altered or if you need to create more workspace, then Flexistore can be relocated or reduced in size without any problems.

Flexistore is cost effective (mobile shelving cost)

Relocating or refurbishing an office is an expensive enough time without having to pay the extra costs of hiring a specialist company to move bulky storage units. The system can be easily relocated without the need for additional expenses or paying for removal services, saving your company both time and stress.

Flexistore is contemporary

Flexistore is the perfect storage solution for the modern day office. It is designed to be used either on a concrete floor or a mezzanine floor, and wherever it is located, the high density mobile shelving is designed to work smoothly and efficiently while giving your work premises a modern, professional look.


If you’re interested in mobile shelving units that can save you time and money, contant Compact Storage today for our help and advice on what space saving storage would suit you and your businesses needs.

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