planning your office space part one

Planning an office sounds easier than it often is in reality. Those naive enough to consider heading up the project team may think it is as simple as buying some desks and filing cabinets and having them delivered on time and most importantly – within budget. In reality planning starts a long time before even so […]

planning your office space part two

In part one we discussed the benefits of working out what you want to achieve with your new space, the basics as far as where it will be, how the space may look, what storage, colour scheme, is it setting the tone of the business – or conforming to what is already there. We also […]

looking for inspiration in the workplace?

Compact go further than your average furniture supplier. Why? Because they make it as well. If you have, for example, a space that has bugged you for years that you believe is a “waste of space” – because of it’s limited height or awkward non-square corners, don’t despair. Compact have a solution for that. With […]

what makes a quality archive shelving installation pd5454

What Makes A Good Archive Storage Installation? We’ve produced a document highlighting those suggestions as to PD5454 compliant installations below: Shelving should be designed in such a way as to provide adequate ventilation, allowing free movement of air around the stock to ensure pockets of stale air or humidity do not pose a threat to […]

mobile racking and mobile shelving units faq’s

Mobile Roller Racking Shelving How safe is it to operate? Mobile storage and mobile racking  are extremely safe. Locking handwheels ensure that the open aisle is braked, and that the adjacent mobile base units cannot close up the aisle whilst personnel are accessing the shelving. Is it hard to move? geared drive systems enable fully loaded […]

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